Longworth Logging Tramway
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Longworth Logging Tramway
Photo courtesy of Ray O'Neill

Longworth Logging Tramway

Longworth's Climax B-series Locomotive began running in 1916. It could move 10,000 to 20,000 superfeet (30 to 36 tonnes) of timber in a day, as much as a bullock team moved in a week.


The Kendall Heritage Society formed in 1998 with a plan to establish walking tracks and a picnic area adjacent to them, signpost points of interest where sections of the tramway route were accessible, identify and possibly restore relevant items of equipment, and create an illustrated, written history of the Longworth Line.

When the designated area for the walking track was cleared, Bill Boyd, an expert axeman and timber worker well known for his work on heritage sites throughout the state, initiated the reconstruction of 90 metres of track.

Some assistance was given by a Work for the Dole team that Bill supervised but the bulk of the work was done by the members of the Society who held regular working bees.

Bill Boyd beside the reconstructed track
Photo courtesy of Bill Boyd

On Sunday 22 April 2001, appropriately the opening day of that year’s Heritage Week, members of the Kendall Heritage Society together with members of the Longworth family gathered to celebrate the official opening of Longworth’s Tramway Heritage Walk by the Honourable Mark Vaile.

The Walk is easily accessible from Upsalls Creek Road just before Swans Crossing, approximately seventeen kilometres west of Kendall.

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